(English) Single biogas plant saves 1.25 trees annually

biogasKATHMANDU, Nepal–Every single biogas plant could save 1.25 trees per year in Nepal, a recent report reveals. If the report, prepared in coordination with Alternative Energy Promotion Center, a government agency responsible to promote renewable energy in country is everything to believe, five trees will be saved annually if four families put in one biogas plant each.

If the principle of one plant saving 1.25 trees a year is to be believed, Nepal´s biogas boom is currently saving nearly 40 thousand trees each year. According to the Center, as many as thirty one thousand biogas plants have already been installed in Nepal by mid June.

Increased use of biogas has helped lessen the use of Kerosene and cooking gas of which prices has skyrocketed in the latest days. Biogas has not only replaces fuel wood but save the money that is used to purchase kerosene and cooking gas.

Biogas is a significant contribution to decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

It is believed that one biogas plant helps reduce anything between three to five tons of greenhouse gas emission ever year. As one plant is believed to be reducing 3.5 tons of greenhouse gas emission on an average per year, it would not be inaccurate to claim that biogas in Nepal is helping reduce more than one million ton of greenhouse gas every year.

In Nepal, a majority of people still depend on traditional sources of energy like fuel wood, agricultural and livestock residues. And, fuel wood makes up for nearly 90 percent of fossil fuel.

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