Government impose ban on mercury use in any form

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KATHMANDU, Nepal- The government has imposed a ban on the import, purchase and use of mercury-based equipment in Nepal, effective from Tuesday.

Citing its threat on human health and environment the Ministry of Population and Health has directed all the concerned and general public to avoid use of the heavy metal.

Earlier this year on February 4, the government had decided to phase out the use of mercury-based equipment from the start of Fiscal Year 2013/2014, and asked the private sector also to follow its footstep.

The ministry has already directed the authorities under it to implement the February 4 decision.

Mercury is a heavy metal that is liquid at ordinary temperatures. It is used in medical instruments like thermometres and sphygmomanometres, and dental amalgams. It is also used in the medical laboratories as reagent.

The use of mercury is discouraged worldwide due to its toxic nature and adverse effects in the environment.


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