(English) Foreign hunters flocked to Dhorpatan reserve

Image source: National News Agency RSS.
Image source: National News Agency RSS.

KATHMANDU, Nepal–With first hunting season has started this year, foreign trained hunters have started flocking there to hunt wild animals.

According to the office of Dhorpatan Wildlife Reserve, six countries have been given permission for hunting the Himalayan blue sheep and the jharals this season and the reserve will be open for game hunting till December 3.

The Reserve office informed that the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Reserve has fixed the quota for hunting 14 Himalayan blue sheep and eight jharals for the first season.

Hunters from the US, Russia, Germany, South Africa, Norway and Latvia had applied for permission.

They are reportedly visiting Nepal for hunting expedition in the Dhorpatan Reserve through different hunting agencies.

The hunters have to pay royalty in the range of Rs 277000 to Rs 401000 per a hunted jharal and Rs 271,000 to Rs 325500 per a hunted Himalayan blue sheep. The rate of hunting royalty has gone up since the last two years.

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