(English) Nepal promoted in London


KATHMANDU, Nepal–In an attempt to promote Nepal as a tourist destination for all seasons, a promotion event was organised at the Nepali embassy in London, UK this week.

On the occasion the participants opined Nepal is a unique tourist destination from religious, cultural and adventure point of view.

Participants stressed the need for new investments in developing tourism infrastructure in the country. Stating that  Nepalis welcome tourists from the bottom of their hearts, they asked Non-Resident Nepalis (NRNs) abroad to promote the message “Nepal: Once is not Enough.”

United Kingdom is an important source of tourists, hikers and mountaineers for Nepal and British tour operators and travel writers have given top priority to the Himalayan region.

Three Nepali cyclists, who have reached UK on a world tour with the message of peace and brotherhood, were also felicitated in the programme. Biresh Dahal, who leads the team, paddles backwards while his friends Bijendra Mahara and Barun Adhikari cycle normally.

The veteran cyclists have already travelled 57 countries of the world with a view to promote world peace and introduce Nepal internationally.

They are in their endeavors to set a Guinness world record by travelling to over 150 countries of the world over the next five years.

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