(English) 3000 new leprosy patient found in Nepal annually

Leoprosy, file photo
Patients getting treatment Leoprosy, file photo

KATHMANDU, Nepal–Three thousand new cases of leprosy are found in the country annually although the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared Nepal leprosy-free in 2066 B.S, thanks to apathy shown by the Ministry of Health and Population.

According to the data offered by the Leprosy Division at the Department of Health Services, some 3,223 leprosy patients have been found in the Himalayan nation in the last fiscal year.

Leprosy is a communicable disease caused by bacteria named Leprae.

Similarly, in the fiscal year 069/70, around 3,253 new patients were found.

Officials at the Ministry said every year new leprosy malady are surfacing in big number despite of the WHO´s declaration. According to them, the government has been providing financial aid and physical infrastructure to the patients who are ousted from the society.

The government has been offering free medicos to the people suffering from this ailment. Earlier, leprosy was considered to be the curse of God. Hence, the patients were kept in the dark fearing the hatred and humiliation from the society.

According to the study, districts like Sarlahi, Jhapa, Dhanusha, Rautahat, Mahottari, Bardiya, Parsa, Kailali, Bara and Ruphandehi see the highest number of leprosy patients.

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