(English) Water level yet to decrease in Sunkoshi artificial lake


KATHMANDU, Nepal– With the flow of water gushing from the mudslide is as thinner as the flow of water being amassed, the water level in the artificial lake formed after a massive landslide blocking Sunkoshi River has not been decreased.

Water in the lake is said to be increasing at 190 cusecs, while flow of water from the reservoir is only 200 cusecs. Nepal Army (NA) that is currently deployed to clear the water in the lake informed 8 million cusecs water has accumulated in the lake, spreading in three kilometers.

The width and depth of the lake is 90-400 meters and 45 meters respectively.NA is preparing for another controlled explosion to let the flow of the water, according to General Ashmin Kumar Thapa. As many as 100 NA personnel have been deployed for rescue operations.

Earlier on Tuesday afternoon, the NA had used explosives in an attempt to get rid of the blockage to the river flow; however it could not restore the flow as desired due to rain.

The Sunkoshi River was blocked after huge amount of landslide debris piled up across the river following massive landslide on Saturday morning. At least 156 villagers including 40 students have been announced dead following the deadliest landslide.

(With inputs from myrepublica)

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