(English) World Cup gives boost to restaurants, pubs

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KATHMANDU, Nepal– Hotels, restaurants and pubs that acquired special approval from the District Administration Offices (DAO) in the Kathmandu valley to show the World Cup matches live were swamped with football lovers.

During the one-month sporting extravaganza, bars and restaurants that obtained special permits to screen the matches live got a massive response from customers. The final match of World Cup is going to be organized on Monday morning.

According to the DAO, a total of 217 restaurants had taken permission to screen the World Cup matches in the three districts of the capital Kathmandu. Of the total 144 restaurants that acquired permits in Kathmandu, only four have applied to screen the final on Monday.

Hoteliers said increases in late night movement due to the World Cup has given a boost to their business as many pubs and bars witnessed a flow of enthusiasts football fan during the nights when special matches were on.

According to them, the world cup promoted business by around 20 percent.

As the final match is going to be held on Monday morning, many restaurants have come up with attractive packages for their customers. The Hotel Radisson has launched a scheme for customers under which they can watch the matches by paying Rs 500 per person where they can get a 650 ml bottle of beer.

Similarly, various other hotels and restaurants across the country have been receiving a huge number of football fans coming to watch the World Cup matches

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