(English) Agro-scientists working to develop nutritious maize

KATHMANDU, Nepal–Aiming to produce new types of maize, containing more nutritional value than ordinary maize, Nepali crop scientists are currently carrying out research.

Scientists at the National Maize Research Program (NMRP) in Rampur, Chitwan district are currently conducting research for developing a new variety of maize rich in vitamin A.

According to crop scientists, they are currently working on a new variety of maize supplemented with nutrients required for human body such as protein and vitamin A.

Scientists involved in the research claimed that the new maize would be naturally fertilized one and not of hybrid.

Applying special gene, crop scientists have increased the nutritional values in maize. The amount of protein in the new maize will be almost double than the ordinary maize. “Ordinary maize provides just 34 percent of protein requirement for humans. But the amount of protein in the new maize will be almost double than the ordinary maize,” Dr Keshav Babu Koirala, chief of NMRP was quoted by myrepublica.

According to him, 175 grams of nutritious maize per day would be enough for children.

Scientists involved in the study however said their research is still continuing so they cannot tell exactly what amount of protein, vitamins and nutrients will the new maize variety contain.

Crop scientists also said the nutritious maize will be very useful for producing feed for cattle and chicken.

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