(English) TIA set to install detective machines

Image: agency
Image: agency

KATHMANDU, Nepal–Are you planning to travel to and from Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), the only international airport in the country, with illegal documents to? If so, you might be held and get punished easily.

With an aim to discourage the use of fake and forged travel documents, the Department of Immigration (DoI) is installing ´Fraudulent Document Identification Mobile Specification´ machines at TIA, thanks to the move initiated by the department that will help control fake documents, though the move is a bit late.

The TIA came up with such plan as it encountered with a number of cases involving foreigners especially from conflict-hit countries like Afghanistan, Syria, and Israel using fake passports and travel documents while entering Himalayan nation.

The machines, each of which costs Rs 3 million, will be installed at the arrivals and departure sections of the TIA.

The machine will detect and identify the fake travel documents that can’t be identified by human eyes.

Officials at the department informed that the detective machine to be installed at TIA can also identify fake driving license. According to them, the machine will be useful in discouraging people from using forged even if no machine can guarantee 100 percent efficiency.

Of late, the DoI has found Nepalese travelling using fake and forged hand-written passports.

Likewise, the DoI is all set to procure five hand-held identification machines and  install several CCTVs at the airport.

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