(English) Locals rescue rare musk deer

Local rescue musk deer from airport. Image: ekantipur
Local rescue musk deer from airport. Image: ekantipur

KATHMANDU, Nepal– A rare musk deer ((Moschus chrysogaster),) was rescued from the Humde airport area at Manang on Saturday. Local resident reclaimed the deer that was injured after it was attacked by a dog on the airport runway.

The rescued deer is believed to be a female aged approximately one year.

Locals, police and Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) officials have left the deer in a local forest after necessary treatment. “The deer had been injured on the forehead following the attack by the dog,” Binod Gurung, chairperson of the Manag Conservation Management Committee was quoted by ekantipur.

Locals have rescued and treated the rare species of musk deer on previous instances as well. Local people’s attempts have largely prevented the hunting and poaching of rare animals found in the Himalayan region.

Musk deer is found mainly in forested and alpine scrub habitats in the Himalayan region around 2,500 to 5,000 metres above sea level.

Musk deer one of six deer species that occur in Nepal, belongs to Order- Artiodactyla, Family-Moschidae.

It is a protected mammal and listed as an endangered species by the National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act 1973, in Nepal.

It is listed by CITES in Appendix I for Afghanistan, India, Nepal and Pakistan, and in Appendix II for Bhutan and China.

It usually weighs from 10-15 kilograms and has dense and rough body hair. The deer is found mostly at Khaptad, Makalu, Barun, Rara, Sagarmatha, Lamtang, Annapurna, Gaurishankar, Apinampha regions.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has enlisted the deer under the category of rare animals.

The deer is also found in India, China, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Malaysia.

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