(English) Govt establishes liaison office at Everest base camp

File photo of Mt. Everest. Photo Source:
File photo of Mt. Everest. Photo Source:

KATHMANDU, Nepal–In order to ensure the security of the climbers, the government of Nepal has decided to set up a liaison office at the base camp of the Mount Everest, the world’s tallest peak in the world, from next climbing season.

An official at the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation said an office comprising a team of government officials and security personnel will be established at the base camp soon.

“We will open an office at the base camp with a team of government officials, including the arm and police personnel” Reuters quoted Tilakram Pandey, a Tourism Ministry official as saying adding that the initiation will ensure that the peak is safe.

Officials believed that the presence of government team at the base camp would provide a psychological feeling to mountaineers that they are safe.

Until now, a government employee has been assigned as a liaison person who has been enduring a severe criticism of remaining absence often at his office established at the height of 5,350-metre.

Nearly a year ago, the mountaineers from Italy, Britain and Switzerland had quit their ascent bids in the middle of their climbing after a brief brawl with Sherpa broke out at the camp 2 over rope fixing.

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