(English) Sinkhole formation repeats in Armala

A sink hole formed in the field. Photo:
A sink hole formed in the field. Photo:

KATHMANDU, Nepal–The incidents of sinkhole formations, which displaced more than 50 families in Armala VDC of Kaski district in November last year, have again been occurred at Majuwabesi in the recent days.  

Locals complained that at least two sink holes are being formed near human settlement each day, leaving them in panic situation. Some of those holes are reportedly measuring 10 feet deep and 20 feet wide.

The land started caving with the last week’s winter rainfall coupled with snow and hailstorm and 300 more families in the village are in danger due to sinkholes. “If preventive measures are not taken immediately, more than 250 families could be in danger,” Tuesday’s edition of Kantipur daily quoted a Liladhar Acharya as saying.

A government panel formed to probe into the cave in the area last year concluded that sand mining and river encroachment were blamed for the sink holes.

Earlier, local people filled the sinkholes and started digging a drain to outlet the underground water to Kali Khola.

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