Apex court rules out fresh polls for prez

Incumbent president Dr. Ram Baran Yadav. File photo.
Incumbent president Dr. Ram Baran Yadav. File photo.

KATMANDU, Nepal: At a time major political parties and their top guns were loggerheading about the tenure of the president; apex court has ruled that there is no need to elect a new president.

The SC has set a major point of differences among the political parties with the apex body quashing a writ petition lodged by Advocate Om Prakash Aryal asking an order for the fresh election to the President and Vice-president.

A dispute among political parties over whether Dr. Ram Baran Yadav should remain president had been a major obstruction to various agreements, including who should lead the government among parties in the new house.

The single bench of justice Girish Chandra Lal annulled the appeal stating that the fresh election for the President and Vice president is not necessary in line with Article 36 (C) and 36 (I) of the interim constitution, which clearly indicates that term of the president and vice president ends only after CA promulgated new constitution.

Ram Baran Yadav was elected the first president in 2008 after the centuries-old monarchy was eliminated and Nepal turned into a republic.

It was initially presumed Yadav would be in office for two years but he has remained president for more than five years with first CA elected in 2008 failed to proclaim a new constitution and dissolved.

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