Candidates allegedly exerting pressure to reimburse amount after polls defeats

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KATHMANDU, Nepal-Some of the political parties and their candidates who allegedly distributed handsome money to purchase votes are now learnt to be pressing the voters to reimburse the amount after facing shameful defeats in November 19 Constituent Assembly polls.

It is said that dozens of the candidates had distributed money to purchase votes and are exerted unnecessary influence in most of the districts in terai region and even some of the constituencies in the capital Kathmandu.

It is alleged that some candidates distributed up to a ten million rupees in a single constituencies through some local clubs established mainly for collecting amount during polls while some candidates in the capital Kathmandu distributed money directly at the hands of voters during their campaigning.

According to media reports quoting locals  as saying that those politician and their activists of few political parties that allegedly doled out money to buy votes in the terai region have started exerting unnecessary pressure to return back that amounts through their agents to whom they had distributed money to their concerned constituencies after facing vitriolic defeats in the polls.

The leaders are mainly exerting pressure in Saptari, Mahottari, Siraha, Dhanusha among other southern region and constituency no 4 in Kathmandu, it is learnt.

‘Leaders and cadres of some political parties facing defeat in the polls are exerting pressure to reimburse amount after their shocking defeats using abusive languages and threats to them,’ a local of constituency no 4 said on condition of anonymity.

According to him, after getting mounting pressure to return back the amount the voters obtained just a few days ahead of crucial polls from their respective candidates, they are have returned half the amount while others who spent the entire amount have hidden due to fears of probable attack on them.

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