Woman gives birth to baby while voting


Woman casting a vote in second CA polls held on November 19.
Woman casting a vote in second CA polls held on November 19.

KATHMANDU, Nepal-A Nepalese woman gave birth to a baby while exercising her right in the Tuesday’s Constituent Assembly polls in the mid western district of Myagdi, around 300 kilometers far of the capital Kathmandu, Election Commission of Nepal informed Wednesday.

Sita Bhandari went to a polling center to exercise her franchise although she was in the final stages of her pregnancy. She wanted to take part in the polls for the first time in her life.

Bhandari began to complain pain in her lower belly while she was queuing up to cast the vote.

The polling booth was set up inside local school that had a small health centre where Bhandari gave birth at the center to a healthy baby boy on Tuesday afternoon and then she cast her vote.

Bhandar said she was extremely happy to give birth on that historic day.

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