Plan to maintain trekkers’ online database from this season 'impossible'

Logo of the TAAN. Photo: File photo
Logo of the TAAN. Photo: File photo

KATHMANDU, Nepal- The plan of making Trekkers’ Information Management System (TIMS) card available online this trekking season seems impossible as only the software has been installed so far while the remaining infrastructures are yet to be put in place.

The Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN) has already finalized the software for making TIMS card available on the net. According to Ramesh Dhamala, president of TAAN, they are planning to implement the online system soon. “We have planned to implement the online system right after Tihar, but some technical works delayed our plans,” he said.

It has been learnt that Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) is yet to endorse the plan to make it available online.

NTB and the TAAN have been jointly implementing the TIMS since 2010.

Lila Bahadur Baniya, senior manager of NTB for tourism heritage and resource development, said that it is not possible to make TIMS available online this trekking season.

“The TAAN has already made the software, but as TIMS is directly related to revenue there are many issues to be addressed such as internet security, making check point systems go online, backup power for check posts, training manpower, and making the sample of hard copy of TIMS card ready among others,” said Baniya, adding that it is possible to operate the online system only for the next trekking season.

The TAAN will be providing a code to the trekkers who register online but have to collect the hard copy of the card once they arrive here.

According to the TAAN, the system can be launched immediately after getting green signal from NTB.

However, both the agencies find it challenging making the check points system go online and arranging power and data backup system.

According to a TAAN official who has been closely working on TIMS online said that the system in very important for the trekkers but also for making data analysis and documentation easy and keeping transparent record of TIMS that is accessible from any place.

“We are in discussion with NTB regarding the detailed overview of the possibility of making TIMS available online, and will try to implement it as early as possible,” he said.


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