Migratory birds make their way to Nepal

A group of migratory birds. File Photo: Ritu Raj Konwar.
A group of migratory birds. File Photo: Ritu Raj Konwar.

KATHMANDU, Nepal-With the arrival of winter season, large numbers of migratory birds are making their way to Nepal, traveling thousands of miles from their original habitats.

Normally, various species of the birds arrive here all the way from Siberia, Mongolia, China and Eastern Europe and settle in different parts of Nepal for around six months in winter.

Most of the birds prepare for the journey to Nepal during September and October though few of the species of the birds have already made their way in July/August.

Ornithologists have of the opinion that chill in the Himalayan region force as many as 150 spices of birds to make their way to various countries in the world. The country hosts only 60 species in the summer.

Bird species including ducks, eagles and falcons, Thrushes, Fly Catcher, Leaf Warblers, Booted Eagles and Wagtails make their journey seeking for warmer environment.

The birds use specific routes during their journeys, including the journey to Nepal.  Normally they come here via the Kaligandaki Valley in the west and the Arun Valley in the east.

According to Dr. Hem Sagar Baral, senior ornithologist, migratory birds are regarded as very important in nature as they eat up the excess insects to help contribute the environmental and ecological balance.

It As the breeding time for insects coincides with the arrival of the migratory birds, enough food is available, allowing the birds to learn to co-exist.

However, their stay in these warmer environment is not risky as territorial dispute with the local birds makes things even worse.

Ornithologist believe that birds perform distinct action to shoo away other parties during the course of migration. Their sounds reflect aggressiveness and irritation as they struggle for domination over the area.



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