Tigers' number drops down

KATHMANDU, Nepal-Only one tiger was spotted at Parsa wildlife Reserve during the course of tiger census that is being carried out in the reserve since two weeks. All together 124 cameras have been installed to count tiger at the different standpoints of the reserve which spreads at 4 hundred square kilometers.

The government has launched tiger census beginning  May 7 across the nation, as a part National Tiger Census programme 2012/2013. All together four adult tigers were counted in the reserve, five years ago.

Increased poaching might caused drop in the tigers’ population in the reserve,  an environmentalist at the Department of National Park and Wildlife Reserve told Nepal Mountain Focus.

In a bid to curb the increased poaching of tiger, the government has monitored in various national park and wildlife reserve areas by camera trap. The photos are used to confirm tiger’s population as well as contribute to scientific study on tiger.

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