(English) One suicide a day in Kathmandu

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KATHMANDU, Nepal–Youth and adolescents, divorcees, single and living alone, are taking their lives voluntarily due to family frustration and relationship issues, according to investigating officials.

According to Nepal Police Metropolitan Police Commissioner’s Office, unemployment, financial pressure and failure to achieve success among others are the factors that have been attributed as major causes leading people to commit suicide.

The report says of the total 380 suicide cases this year, 252 persons ended their lives by hanging themselves and 114 by consuming poison. The report further revealed that the valley on an average witnesses at least one suicide every day.

Likewise, seven individuals had immolated themselves while others had used various machine tools. The Office has recorded 380 suicide deaths across the valley in the fiscal year 2013-2014. The number has declined as compared to the previous years as 408 cases were reported in the Valley in 2012-2013 and 381 cases in 2011-2012.

People from a wide cross-section of society have been found to have taken their lives with hanging and self-poisoning being the most common methods.

Experts believe suicide rate was also found to be high among people suffering from depression. Personality disorder in youths and other social factors also lead them to commit suicide.

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