All concerned on future of Mt. Everest

With the world celebrating the glorious 60 years of first human feet on the top of the world, the Everest and the mountaineering concerned people and organizations are much worried about the future of the Everest. In all most all the programmes, discussions and during informal talking they have expressed their deep concern over the Everest and its future.

As Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Government of Nepal, Khil Raj Regmi have expressed, “In the course of human civilization, humanity has made a marvelous development on many wonderful things along with education, science, and technology and man-made systems. Man-made innovations and inventions have not by any means minimized the importance and value of Nature-made products. Rather, people’s interest and enthusiasm in Nature has grown more and more. Human attachment to Nature has grown more intimate and one likes to experience new things and make new records,” the rush of record seekers on Everest are always seen and for the last few years the trend is continuous in question.

Since the date late Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary created a milestone of being the first human beings on the top of the pinnacle of earth, Mt. Everest, it brought Nepal to the lime light of mountaineering tourism. The historic success opened new era in the field of adventure activities and gave humanity a lesson that one can achieve success despite hard and dangerous situation if one keeps up with courage and dedication.

But the recent trend of Everest climbers have changed the perspective and assumptions of the climbing as defined during Tenzing-Hillary era. Now, the climbing specially on Everest is something, that is for all. With the government policy to encourage mountaineering tourism it simplified the rules and provisions, which, the climbers take for granted. The climbers even didn’t find themselves abided by simple mountaineering ethics. The result of which burst out in the form of brawl in the beginning of this climbing season that involve world renowned mountaineers and local Sherpas.

Even climbers and the assisting Sherpas agree to this statement.  Pemba Dorje Sherpa, a renowned mountaineer, said the unethical climbing and the race of records on Everest should be stopped. He opined that both the government and the climbers are responsible to it.

Kami Sherpa, another climber also agree with the wee condition of Mt. Everest. “Commercial climbing and race of records should be checked to preserve the Everest for next generations,” Kami said.

Sudarshan Gautam, who won a world record for the first double amputee to climb the world’s highest mountain, has expressed his displeasure over the Everest experience, stating that he has seen a big black hill in place of the Mount Everest. He, stating that the mountains are at high risks of global warming and climate change, has said that he will work to minimize its effect. “It is normally expected that the Everest is always covered on the snow blanket,” he said, “But after reaching the Hillary Steps I only saw the Everest as black peak”.Stating that climate change is the main reason behind excessive melting of snow, Gautam urges all to work for the future of the World’s heritage.

Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Nepal Khil Raj Regmi, during his speech on the main day of Diamond Jubilee Celebration has also urged the world community to remember the initiative of the government of Nepal in raising voice in the international forums and expressing commitment towards mitigating the impacts of climate change with a symbolic gesture of having cabinet meeting at Everest Basecamp, Kalapatthar, on Dec 4, 2009 that passed a ten point “Sagarmatha Declaration on Climate Change”.

In the backdrop of the same, the government has hinted to tight the rules hence forth. Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Ram Kumar Shrestha, in most of his recent speeches have mentioned about the malpractices during expeditions and the government’s view to revise the existing rules.

“The government now onwards will control Everest expeditions,” the minister has said, adding, “permit will be issued only after studying the age, health condition and motive of the climber behind the climbing”.

According to the minister the lose policy has increased the trend of malpractices in expeditions.

It is the glory of Nepal to have Mt. Everest, one of the icons of the world. All of us have equal responsibility of preserving its glory from being dampened due to climate change. So, all stakeholders should draw their attention to take up the common responsibility to conserve Sagarmatha.


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