Certificate Distribution Ceremony held in Islamabad for Nanga Parbat Summitter

Dal nostro corrispondente in Pakistan, Muhammad Aurang Zaib

A certificate distribution ceremony held at ACP office to award the certificates of summit to the summitters of Nanga Parbat – the Killer Peak. Eight climbers have reached the top of the ninth highest peak in the world on 7th July 2017. Kim Hong Bin, the famous Korean Climber without fingers, is the first mountaineer to reach the summit.

Kim Hong Bin, who is in his mid-50s, launched a summit push from his camp at 7,200 metres with his partner Lakpa Sherpa and both reached the top at 9:30 pm Friday night. They were lost on the mountain in bad weather soon after they left the camp,” said Mohammad Iqbal who is from Summit Karakuram, the tour operator managing the this expedition.

Mr. Bin has target of climbing 14 highest peaks of 8000-M out of which 5 are situated in Pakistan. He has climbed three peak in Pakistan till now and left with the target to climb two in Pakistan and one in Nepal.

“Kim lost all his fingers several years ago while climbing but that did not stop him from achieving his goals,” Mr Iqbal said, adding that Mr Bin has given up his plan of climbing Broad Peak this season as he is exhausted and plans to return next year.

Alpine Club of Pakistan spokesman Mr. Karrar Haidery confirmed six more successful climbs on Saturday. Luo Jing from China and Japanese mountaineer Naoko Watanabe also reached the top of Nanga Parbat at 2:16pm on Saturday. The other four climbers reached the summit are from Nepal.

Also known as the ‘killer mountain’, Nanga Parbat has claimed the lives of many veteran climbers. Spanish mountaineer Alberto Zerain and Mariano Galacan from Argentina are thought to have been burried in an avalanche. Search and rescue missions for the two climbers were called off on July 1 when helicopter pilots from Askari Aviation confirmed there was an avalanche over the climbers’ last known location.


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