(English) Vigil on tourists visiting Langtang National Park


KATHMANDU, Nepal–Instances of missing of the foreign tourists visiting Nepal are rampant in the recent days. Many tourists are out of contact for years as they got lost on their way during solo trekking while some are reportedly died after meeting with incidents and robberies.

Thus, it has been difficult for the families of missing trekkers to ascertain whereabouts of their beloved ones. However, aiming to keep constant watch on the foreigners’ activities, Nepal police has started patrolling the areas in a Lantang National Park, a hot spot for tourists’ activities, since a couple of months and the result has been encouraging so far.

Responding to the demand of concerned stakeholders and victims of the missing ones, the government adopted a concrete measure so that other trekkers won’t forget the track hence onward.

The Ministry of Home decided to spread the security personnel inside the park areas to keep track of tourists who visit there alone. As per the provision, tourists entering the park are required to register their entry and should fill out a form that seek their details including their name, country they belong, cell number and purpose of visit there.

Deployment of security forces inside the park has engrained a sense of security among the locals as well as tourists visiting the park.

Missing of trekkers in Langtang are common incidents. Just two years ago, a decapitated body of Debbie Maveau, a citizen of Belgium was found inside the park.

The park is visited by around 19, 000 – 20,000 foreign tourists annually, according to a park source.

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