(English) Joint initiations to curb human-wildlife conflict

Image courtesy :  NTNC/SLC
Image courtesy : NTNC/SLC

KATHMANDU, Nepal–Aiming to lessen the growing human-wildlife conflict in the Nepal’s highland, the National Trust for Nature and Conservation (NTNC) and the Snow Leopard Conservancy (SLC) has jointly launched an initiative at Manang, a remote village in Manang district straddling the Himalayas.

The big cats-human conflict is overriding in the Himalaya region since locals hunt the former as a revenge of the attacks on their domestic animals. The first ever move in the Himalayan region will help conserve the endangered species by reducing the mounting tussle between people-wildlife conflict.

A total of 3 lights have already been installed at Manang and seven lights at Mustang district so far. The newly adopted system, which flashes sporadic colorful lights, can send a strong gesture of human presence help to drive the wild animals particularly the timid snow leopard away from the highland herds yaks and sheep.

The installation of Fox Lights in their area has provided the rays of hope for alpine herders. The idea of Fox Light is believed to be the best idea as it does not blink constantly, according to the wildlife experts.

According to Dr Som Bahadur Ale, Regional Conservation Director at Snow-Leopard Conservation Project-Nepal office, Annapurna Conservation Area (ACAPA) have been selected as pilot project area as the incidents of leopards’ attacks on livestock have been found higher in this region.

The system which was proved as an effective technique to tackle wildlife problems elsewhere in Australia, Philippines and Canada would discourage the lurking leopards entering their alpine corrals and would also prove helpful to the farmers and herders in Nepal too. Officials are also overwhelmed by the initial feedbacks from local farmers.

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