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KATHMANDU, Nepal–With an aim to keep proper track of tourists visiting Nepal, the Department of Immigration (DoI) which is committed to provide better immigration service in the country is in the process of developing and bringing forth a Guest Information System. The system is also believed to discourage foreign nationals from overstaying in Nepal.

Once the new system is launched, all the hotels entrepreneurs will be required to install it to keep an electronic record of the foreigners.

The new system which records names, nationality, passport number and length of stay of foreign tourists would be enforced within a month, multiple sources at the department told.

“We are working to introduce a new software which would be mandatory for all hotel entrepreneurs to keep the records of foreign nationals staying in their facility,” today’s myrepublica quoted Sharad Chandra Poudel, director general at the DoI, adding that the major purpose of this system is to prevent the illegal stay of foreign nationals, particularly for those who overstay to engage in illegal activities in Nepal.”

The information entered by the hotel owners will be mechanically accessible through the main system that will be supervised by the DoI. To be able to use the software application, the hotel owners will have to take a password from the DoI.

Likewise, all hotel owners should submit a monthly record of foreigners who have stayed in their hotels. None of the hotel entrepreneurs have submitted the monthly record so far.

The office of the immigration was set up to regulate the illegal movements of foreigners into, within and from Nepal.

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