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KATHMANDU, Nepal–Turkish Airlines has started its daily service from Kathmandu to Istanbul from Saturday.

Turkish Airline which became 27th Airlines to operate its flight to Tribhuwan International Airport after its operations on September 2, 2013 with four weekly flights between the two cities.

With the operation of daily flights between two cities, Nepal is expected to lure more tourists from Europe.

The Kathmandu-Istanbul flight is the longest non-stop commercial flight (7 hours) which links Europe with Kathmandu directly.

The airline has been operating flights in 237 cities around the world with 232 aircrafts, including passanger and cargo is ranked as the best airline in Europe for its smooth service.

In the meantime, Nepal-Turkey Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NTCCI) is going to take part in the ´Turkey World Trade Bridge-2014´ for the seventh time to be held in Turkey from June 17.  The participation would bring Turkish technology to the industrial sector in Nepal, according to NTCCI.

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