Himalayan people witnessing explicit impact of climate change

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KATHMANDU, Nepal-The various communities living in the Himalayan region are witnessing the impact of climate change as the snow capped mountains are being transformed into the dark peaks. They complained that they could not see snowfall in the Himalayan settlements like Thukla, Jongla, Goraksep and Labuche.

The melting of glaciers has also expedited.  People are worried from the annual change of stream of the glacier.

The peaks which were covered with snow across the year just a few years ago are not in a status of Himalayan peak and houses that were blanket with snowfall have not got a single fall of ice since seven year in some villages,  according to eyewitness. ‘There is no greenery and we have not seen seen our roof of the houses covered with snow for many years,’ National News Agency RSS quoted an expedition guide Chhiring Sherpa as saying.

Surendra Sharma, who is living in Gokyo region for the past 30 years, says the rate of snowmelt has increased.

During an international conference that concluded on Wednesday in Kathmandu experts from various countries opined that the whole Himalayan settlements can be at risk after a very lengthy period of time due to the impact of climate change.

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