Tourism Ministry to take action against fraud entrepreneurs

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KATHMANDU, Nepal-The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) is planning to take stern action against tourism entrepreneurs operating illegally in Nepal. The government weaved plan to take action after some of the entrepreneurs were found to be involved in fraud business like tax evasion and misuse of US dollar by operating illegal trades.

Those travel agencies that brought in tourists sans setting up any office have come under vigilance and the Ministry is stepping up the investigations after forming a committee comprising of entrepreneurs, an official at the Ministry disclosed.

The Ministry is learnt to start raiding on trekking agencies, rafting operators, and the owners of hotels and restaurant.

According to Sushil Ghimire, secretary at the Ministry, tourists are feeling insecurity while million worth revenue is lost due to illegal trades. The ministry has even prepared a list of such entrepreneurs identifying them on the basis of information provided by entrepreneurs and the ministry’s own study.

Suspecting that the tourism entrepreneurs were also involved in illegal dollar transactions, Nepal Rastra Bank, a week ago had suggested the Ministry to adopt initiations for the vigilance.



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