Chinese climber dies in Mt. Lhotse

KATHMANDU, Nepal-A Chinese climber Xiaoshi Li, 58 died in Mt. Lhotse, Monday morning. He died while returning at Camp four after scaling the peak. Li died of high altitude sickness and attempts to rescue him were failed as the helicopter could not reach at camp IV where he was laying unconscious, informed an official at the mountaineering division of Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation quoting liaison officer at Everest Base Camp Khim Lal Gautam.

He  was seriously sick and could not move anywhere while returning after he stepped foot on 7,800 m peak. The Sherpa guides failed to bring him down since the climber was excessive obese, said the official.

A rescue by the helicopter was operated for two days despite of adverse weather on Sunday afternoon.

However, while the climber couldn’t be brought back near the base camp, just five hundred meter below where the  helicopter was landed, the attempts to rescue him had gone in vain.  ‘He died at the wee hours of Monday morning, at 1 am as no one could brought and board him into helicopter’, Gautam said. Report said his body couldn’t be brought back to Kathmandu due to the lack of money to .

There were six Chinese nationals in the expedition team led by Wei Zhang, 38. According to government officials attemts are underway to bring back his body toKathmandu from helicopter.

Lhotse is close to Mount Everest.

The main summit of Lhotse was first climbed on May 18, 1956 by the Swiss team of Emst Reiss and Fritz Luchsinger from the Swiss Mount Everest/Lhotse Expedition.


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