(English) Indian kid scales Kalapatthar

File photo of Kala Patthar
File photo of Kala Patthar

KATHMANDU, Nepal–A five years and 11 month old Indian child claimed to have set a new world record by successfully scaling Kalapatthar, some 200 metre above the base camp of Mount Everest.

Harshit Saumitra, the son a veteran mountaineer from India, reached 5,554 m high Kalapatthar on October 17.Harshit’s climbing team included his father Rajeev Saumitra and two Sherpa guides.

Harshit had left for the Everest base camp on October 7, when he landed at Tenzing Hilary Airport by a chopper. The boy had reportedly reach the BC in 10 days though it takes 7 days for ordinary people.

“I had taken special safeguard for his protection and he is fit and fine”, Harshit, the boy’s father was quoted by a Nepali national daily.

At a time when dozens of people, mostly foreigners, lost their lives in the Himalayas, due to snow blizzard in North-West Nepal, Harshit was moving towards the base camp located in North-East.

The boy’s father had managed a shelter inside tent to protect the former from the blizzard. The boy has not shown any symptoms high altitude sickness during the expedition, according to Saumitra.

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