(English) Cancer patients increases by 30 percent: Report

Image source: Cancer hospital bhaktapur
Image source: Cancer hospital bhaktapur

KATHMANDU, Nepal–Around 10 Nepali cancer patients visit the Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital (BCH) daily for treatment. The number of patients has increased by nearly 30 percent this year in comparison to last year.

According to the hospital sources, the year 2012 found more than 7,000 cancer patients while the number increased to around 9,000 in 2013.

Poor lifestyle and eating habits are the major cause behind the increasing number of cancer patients, according to doctors involved in the treatment.

Currently, the hospital provides services like chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery and brachytherapy along with palliative care and pain-management services to cancer patients.

The hospital receives cancer patients from all over the country, especially from the Capital and the eastern region.

Hospital sources said over 300 patients visit the hospital for general check-ups for various diseases, including cancer, each day.

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