(English) New species of bird spotted

Chitwan National Park (CNP), file photo.
Chitwan National Park (CNP), file photo.

KATHMANDU, Nepal– A new species of bird has been spotted in Chitwan, according to Bird Education Society Sauraha. The bird named ´Fusrokanthe Bagadi´ has been detected for the first time in Chitwan. 

A team headed by bird expert Dr Hom Sagar Baral had found the rare bird species in Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve in 2010.  

This year´s birds´ census reveals that different 46 species of birds have been increased in Nepal lately. With this, Chitwan alone has seen total 626 species of birds.

 The new bird found at Ranighat of Sauraha, Chitwan looks like sparrow and has light yellow legs and peak, according to park officials.

There are altogether 872 birds´ species in Nepal, according to the census. 

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