(English) Tourists’ arrival increase by 15.74 Pc

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KATHMANDU, Nepal–The total number of 51105 international visitors arrived in Nepal in the month of May 2014 with an increment of 15.74%.

According to the Immigration Office Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), the arrivals from India, Bangladesh, Srilanka and Pakistan recorded a positive growth of 2.68%, 32.24%, 5.19% and 59.75 % respectively whereas the overall arrival from the SAARC region registered the positive growth by 5.58% as compared to the figures last year.

Arrivals from Asia (other than South Asia region) have also recorded positive growth of 18.91%. Visitor arrivals from Peoples Republic of China, Singapore, South Korea , Chinese Taipei and Thailand have recorded positive growth of 36.45%, 25.06%, 25.06% 7.28% and 17.207 % respectively compared to the figures in May 2013.  However, Japan  and Malaysia has  registered negative growth.

Europe registered overall positive growth of 8.30% compared to the same month last year with total visitor arrivals of 7,870.  Arrivals from the U.K, France, Spain, The Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, posted positive growth of 7.97%, 51.22%,  10.13%, 83.02%, 4.38% , 10.78% and 14.38% respectively.

Tourist arrivals from USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have increased by 13.97 %, 4.11%, 12.45%, 21.03 % respectively.

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