(English) Govt launches campaign against hooliganism

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KATHMANDU, Nepal–In a bid to combat against crimes and hooliganism, the home Ministry has launched a special campaign across the country. The Ministry’s move came amidst the complain that criminal activities and hooliganism soared in the recent days.

The Ministry also came up with working plan against hooliganism and has mobilized a special task force to control anti-social activities nationwide.

The campaign includes long-range patrolling, night-time patrolling and rural patrolling by the police.

The campaign targets curbing criminal activities, stopping public road encroachment and controlling the randomly parked vehicles in Kathmandu valley.

Similarly, the close circuit (CC) cameras would be installed at different entry points in the valley including Nagdhunga, Pharping, Bandbhanjyang, Nanglebhare, Dandakateri, Sundarijal to keep vigilance on potential criminal activities.

The Ministry has also removed the vendors from different parts in the valley after consulting with stakeholders and formed a joint committee to find alternative sites for the vendors.

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