(English) HAN unveils 10pt declaration to boost tourism

KATHMANDU, Nepal–With a view to reform the country’s tourism industry, Hotel Association of Nepal (HAN) has unveiled a 10-point declaration. Organizing a programme in the Capital Kathmandu on Friday, HAN informed that it would co-ordinate with the Tourism Ministry, Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) and other government bodies to obtain the government-launched Vision 2020 that has planned to lure 2 million tourists by 2020.


HAN’s other plans include coordinating with all the tourism institutions and stakeholders to promote Nepal in the international arena and setting up a hospitality training center to improve hospitality services according to international standards.  HAN said it would assist the capacity upgradation of the country’s hotels by exchanging know-how with international hotels and chains.

Requesting required changes in the government’s policy and steadily removing Nepal’s image as being among the cheapest destinations are among the priorities carved by HAN.

HAAN president BK  Shrestha said that they will be pressing the government for the immediate construction of a second international airport in Nigjad of Bara district.

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