(English) Govt to minimize traffic on Mount Everest

Mount Everest. Image source: wikipedia
Mount Everest. Image source: wikipedia

KATHMANDU, Nepal–The government plans to minimize the over-crowding of climbers near the 8,850-meter summit of Mount Everest, which is choked off with scores of climbers during the short window of good weather.

Associated Press citing Tourism ministry official Mohan Krishna Sapkota reported Monday that the government is working with expedition operators to ease the traffic jam near the peak.

According to Sapkota, separate ropes will be fixed for climbers ascending and descending near the peak to help minimize traffic on Everest.

Just a month ago, the government had decided to establish security camp at the base camp to give psychological feeling to the climbers that they are safe on the top of the Everest.

Government officials posted at the base camp would strictly monitor climbers throughout the spring climbing season, which runs from March to May.

Everest is a key revenue earner for the Himalayan nation with hundreds scaling the mountain every year during the peak climbing season in April and May.

Hundreds of veteran climbers have stood atop the world’s highest peak after the Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa conquered it on May 29, 1953.

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