(English) Everest Base Camp tops list of world’s best trekking routes

Mt. Everest Base Camp. Photo: Agencies
Mt. Everest Base Camp. Photo: Agencies

KATHMANDU, Nepal–Everest Base Camp and Kala Pattar has exceeded the list of top six best trekking routes in the world published jointly by British newspaper Daily Mail and World Expeditions – an UK-based expedition operator.

“This classic trek through traditional Sherpa villages to the base of the world’s highest mountain and nearby peak of Kala Pattar is, of course, a showstopper. It is packed with ‘grab your camera’ moments as you take in vistas of Mount Everest, pass ancient monasteries and spot wildlife a-plenty en route,”  the newspaper writes about the Everest Base Camp trek stating that the trek might be crowded during the peak season.

The website has also recommended an alternative trekking to Gokyo Lake for the trekkers.

“A great alternative to Everest Base Camp trek, this tranquil trek through the Sherpa heartlands allows plenty of time to savor spectacular mountains capes from the comfort of private permanent campsites,” the newspaper says about the trek. “Climb high above the shimmering lakes at sundown and witness one of the most spectacular sunset displays the Himalaya has to offer.”

Mt Everest has always remained the center of attraction for adventure enthusiasts all over the world ever since its first scaled by Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillay in 1953.

Hundreds of climbers from around the world attempt to scale the 8,850-metre (29,035 feet) Everest summit every year.

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