(English) Monasteries, Tibetan refugee camps under surveillance

Boudhanath temple in Kathmandu.
Boudhanath temple in Kathmandu. Image:

KATHMANDU, Nepal– The government have stepped up security in the capital and adjoining areas to stop any probable anti-China protests  and self- immolation attempts by the Tibetan refugees to protest Chinese rule over their homeland in Kathmandu.  

Boudhanath area in Kathmandu and other monasteries where most Tibetan refugees live are under surveillance across the country. Two Tibetans had self-immolated in the area last year to protest against China.

Tibetan refugees in Nepal regularly take to street against Chinese rule over their homeland. The government of China frequently request Nepal government to help control any anti-China activities near the Chinese Embassy and key areas.

Thousands of Tibetans refugees live in Nepal, and many travel through Nepal on the way to Dharmasala, India, where the Dalai Lama lives and the self-declared exile government is based.

Nepal police have adopted strong measures to prevent any untoward incident in and around the refugee camps.

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