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KATHMANDU, Nepal– Office of Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) is all set to provide free Wi-Fi service to foreign tourists visiting Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square area in Kathmandu, thanks to the move initiated by KMC which will further help promote tourism in the country.

It is possibly the first time in the country that free internet is going to be installed for foreign tourists visiting a heritage site.

Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Area Conservation Programme Office (HDACPO) under KMC said it will start providing free internet access to tourists visiting the historical palace area from next week.

It is hoped that tourists visiting the palace premise will instantly upload their photos share them with the world. It will help popularize the UNESCO’s world heritage site as well.

For the purpose, KMC has set up half dozen wireless routers at various points inside the heritage site, in collaboration with Nepal Telecom, the telecommunications regulatory body of Nepal.  Sources at KMC said that the Wi-Fi service to be provided to foreigners is extremely fast and they can make use of the service while moving about the palace premise.

KMC is learnt to have allocated Rs. 160,000 for the project and it will pay Rs. 60,000 monthly to Nepal Telecom for using the internet service.

As per the plan, Wi-Fi password will be offered to tourists along with their entrance tickets at all the entry points to the palace area.

According to KMC, over 200,000 foreign tourists visit the heritage site annually.

The Durbar Square is surrounded with spectacular architecture and vividly showcases the skills of the craftsmen over several centuries.

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