(English) 10 years, 100 countries

furemba_sherpaKATHMANDU, Nepal–World Tour Nepalese Cyclist Furtemba Sherpa during a fundraising programme held in New York, Saturday, 2 March, 2014.

Having witnessed the destruction of our forests, mountains, and rivers, Sherpa was determined to spread the message of peace, social harmony, and environmental protection across the globe. “One pedal stroke at a time, I hope my story will inspire people to act in their own way to make a greener Earth. I believe we can find solutions through mutual respect, dialogue and understanding rather than through violence”, Sherpa writes in his blog.

After punching in 101,321km on his bike so far, Sherpa has successfully delivered his message to the citizens of 100 countries across six continents. Sherpa cycles 10 hours on average daily, covering 80-120km. With 51 more countries on his list, environment crusader cyclist hopes to accomplish his expedition by 2020.

Originally from Manling of Sankhuwasabh district, 36 yr old Sherpa began his cycle journey in 25 December 2003.        Photo: twitter post

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