(English) ECG of Earth!

Seismic Survey

KATHMANDU, Nepal – Scientists at work during seismic survey carried out at Chure area of Mahabharat range. The Chure area located in central Nepal is the meeting point of the Indian and Tibetan plateaus. And the scientific team is focused on revealing the earthquake risk by studying the positioning of the plateaus. Scientists say the meeting points of the plateaus are highly prone to the earthquake. To study the same, geologist at Earth Observative Singapore Professor Dr. Judith Havadabha and her team along with the expert team of National Seismological Center, Nepal are taking the ECG of Earth along the Chure area. According to the team it is the first ever study of its kind and is being conducted with the use of latest technologies available. The survey will continue for the next three months. With its geographical positioning Nepal is considered as the earthquake prone country. It had five major earthquakes at different dates in the past. Photo:


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