Capital’s air quality taking down unendingly

A view of polluted streets in the capital. Photo:Jitendra Bajracharya/ICIMOD
A view of polluted streets in the capital. Photo:Jitendra Bajracharya/ICIMOD

KATHMANDU, Nepal–With the number of vehicles in Kathmandu valley increasing at an unprecedented rate, valley dwellers are suffering from various pollution related diseases like pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma, skin diseases, allergy, wheezing and coughing problems.

The old and outdated vehicles letting huge amount of carbon monoxide out is taking the environment of the valley and human health down.

According to a study ‘Rapid Urban Assessment of Air Quality for Kathmandu, commissioned by ICIMOD acute respiratory are among the most common five diseases reported in Nepal.

As per the data of the Ministry of environment, over 1600 people in Kathmandu valley die owing to air pollution while about 1.05 million people are suffering from respiratory disease. A report made public by ICIMOD in concluding month of 2013 also notices that respiratory disease among Kathmandu residents have grown over the years.

The rapid increase of population coupled with industrialization and urbanization and consequent increase in the vehicles’ number are responsible for the mounting level of marring gases and particulate matter in the air.

Reports have it that particulate matter (PM10) measure perhaps at all times high in Kathmandu in last August –-over seven folder higher than WHO Air Quality Guidelines.

High density traffic areas and road connection of the Kathmandu are seriously polluted by PM10.

To recall, a recent study has put Nepal among the three worst performing countries in the world in terms of air quality.

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