Luxurious taxis give firsthand impression to tourists landing TIA

New taxis at TIA, Photo NMF
New taxis at TIA, Photo NMF

KATHMANDU, Nepal–In an attempt to facilitate the tourists landing at Tribhuwan International Airport (TIA), the Airport Passengers Transport Service Management Limited has introduced  200 luxurious ‘prepaid’ taxi from Sunday afternoon. 

The new taxis now replace the old one: taxis with green number plate that were providing service from the airport.

With this new introduction, domestic and international passengers can use the taxi service to different locations of the capital, adjoining   districts and other remote places as well right from international and domestic terminals of the TIA.

Stakeholders concerned and the government officials have expressed confidence that the service would be fruitful in giving firsthand impression to the tourists landing at the TIA.

Two hundred taxis belonging to Ford and Maruti companies have been used for the service in the first phase in the cost of  six hundred million rupees to bring the service into operation.

The price for using the prepaid taxi service has been fixed at Rs. 75 per kilometer.

An additional 100 such taxis for the service in the second phase will be used soon, it is learnt.

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