Indo–Nepal conservation authorities to mach big cats’ data

file photo:NMN
file photo:NMN

KATHMANDU, Nepal– In their efforts to avoid duplication and confirm the exact number of tigers in all protected areas along the Indo–Nepal border, a team of conservation authorities form Nepal and neighboring India is preparing to work together, officials at the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation (DNPWC) informed.

This is the first time that Nepal and India are matching their respective tiger populations. The conversationalists have believed that this new and perhaps the first ever effort will help to calculate whether Nepal´s tigers, in search of prey, reach India or vice versa. The attempt would verify their assumption that powerful animals like tigers might be able to roam around in the largest safe haven possible.

The effort will work out the most accurate figure of tigers in all 11 protected areas that range the Indo-Nepal border. After toilsome efforts of tracing the big cats in five protected areas and three wildlife corridors of the country, the DNPWC officially put the tiger population at 198 in July, 2013.

Neighboring India also carried out the census of the tiger in all its protected zone which are geographically linked with Nepal’s tiger habitat, however the country is yet to announce the data officially.

Matching of tiger images from Nepal with those from India will reveal that whether or not the big cats found in Nepal’s park and jungle reach other park or across border.

It is learnt that DNPWC has already given its official nod for the purpose of matching data of tiger from Nepal and India.

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