Chobhar, the most nigh, considerable trekking site for Kathmanduties

A view as seen from Chobhar.Photo: NMF
A view as seen from Chobhar.Photo: NMF

KATHMANDU, Nepal–The Chobhar area of Kirtipur Municipality, located at the south of the capital Kathmandu has been turning into a most preferable significant site for trekking and rubber-necking place for the locals in Kathmandu dwellers as well as the foreigners in the latest days.

The number of tourists visiting the place has increased these days with the onset of this winter season.

Hundreds of domestic and foreign tourists visit the site daily for trekking and sightseeing. Likewise, many people from the capital Kathmandu visit the site at the weekend.

Many international tourists visiting Kathmandu prefer to trek Chobhar which is located en route to Manjushree Cave, the second longest cave in Asia.  Tourists are lured by dozens picnic spot and other natural surroundings as well as beautiful view of remote peaks.

Also regarded as a main source of civilization of the Kathmandu valley, it  is equally important from religious point of view as foreigners mainly Indian tourists prefer to trek and go around from Jalabinayak Temple to Aadi Nath Temple for religious purpose.

The site is crucial for scientific study for the students of science as the place is equally rich in its bio-diversity.

According to municipality data, five thousands more international tourist pay visit the site in the first seven months of fiscal year 2012.

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