Mountaineer turns into street vendor!

Mt. Everest file photo.
Mt. Everest file photo.

KATHMANDU, Nepal– A youth in neighboring India who atop Mt. Everest is compelled to sell the vegetables at a cart in the streets as vendor due to his crunching financial situation, Indian news agencies reported in their on line editions.

With no job, Ram Lal, 24, once time veteran mountaineer of India has turned into a street vendor.

Originally represented from Tohana town of Fatehabad district, jobless Lal is yet to receive the cash award of Indian Rs 5 lakh promised amount assured by chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda on his successful return after hoisting the Indian flag on the roof of the world.

A graduate in sports science and a diploma holder in physical education, Lal is reportedly feeling sad and apathy at being snubbed by the state government and other stakeholders.

‘I am not selling vegetables on this cart to embarrass anyone, but to feed my family and repay the loan,’ Lal who scaled the peak few month ago was quoted by Sunday’s edition of thetimesofindia as his saying.

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