Duo plans to conquer Mt Island on business suit

Mount Island peak, the 6189 m high trekking peak . Photo: File/
Mount Island peak, the 6189 m high trekking peak . Photo: File/

KATHMANDU, Nepal – Unlike other mountaineers who use heavy mountaineering gears from clothes to others, two adventurers have planned to challenge the freezing cold deciding to ascend Mount Island peak in only a business suit.

And the duo aimed a noble purpose in their challenging bid.  The young adventurers from Australia, Danny Roberts-Clarke and David Grech, are attempting the 6189 meter high Mt. Island, also known as Imja Tse, with a mission to donate an orphanage with the fund they raise. They have planned to donate $ 40,000 to a children school in Pokhara, Kaski.

At 6,189 metres in the Himalayan winter with temperatures reaching -25°C a thirst for adventure and a worthy cause is all that is driving them.

“The idea for suited escapades came from a trip to Nepal in 2012 to visit Everest Base Camp,” David was quoted as saying by the Rising Nepal, adding that they had been to the Everest Base Camp on their business suits for 19 days of trekking last year.

“It was during this trip that it became clear to me. I am so fortunate to have the time and opportunity to partake in these amazing things while so many others will never get the chance. From that moment onwards I decided that for every unique adventure I took part in, I would do my best to raise money or awareness for a local cause.”

“We are raising money for a new building to house around 30 children in Pokhara, so that they may have a safer and healthier environment in which to live, learn and grow,” reported the daily.

Lauding their charity and adventure works, Danny said that it was their duty as a foreign tourist, whose flights may have cost more than a local’s yearly salary, to give back to the local people.

Island Peak is one of the most commonly climbed peaks in the Khumbu valley and is the most popular “trekking peak” in Nepal. The “trekking peak” label was originally applied by the authorities to mountains that were felt to be accessible without the logistics of a major expedition and didn’t require an extensive knowledge of winter alpine skills. Although the majority of these peaks can be climbed in just one or two days from a trailhead, their technical difficulties and objective dangers vary enormously.

The peak was first climbed by a team of mountaineers that included Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary, as preparation and acclimatization for the first ascent of Everest in 1953.



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