Financial, technical assistance top agenda during NAST-Italian delegation talks

H.E. Daniele Mancini, Ambassador of Italy to Nepal and Prof. Dr. Surendra Raj Kafle, Vice Cancellor of NAST holding bilateral talks at NAST complex. Photo: NMF
H.E. Daniele Mancini, Ambassador of Italy to Nepal and Prof. Dr. Surendra Raj Kafle, Vice Cancellor of NAST holding bilateral talks at NAST complex. Photo: NMF

KATHMANDU, Nepal- Officials of the Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) have urged the Italian government and EvK2CNR to increase financial support and help Nepal identify new sectors for the scientific research.

During the visit of H.E. Daniele Mancini, Ambassador of Italy to Nepal, who led the delegation of Italian scientists, researchers and high officials of the Italian consular offices in Nepal and India, Vice Chancellor of NAST Prof. Dr. Surendra Raj Kafle urged the formers for scientific and technical assistances to boost up the research studies here.

Lauding the government of Italy and Agostino Da Polenza in person for their continuous collaboration with the Nepali scientific field, Prof. Dr. Kafle, wished for more advanced, dedicated collaboration in future. “There are only few examples in the history of any two nations that they have been collaborating for the same purpose for the last 25 years,” the vice chancellor said, mentioning his experiences   while working with the Italian team.

“Mr. Agostino Da Polenza is always my good friend and he has proved his caliber in the scientific development of Nepal,” Prof. Dr. Kafle said, “Now I request H.E. ambassador of Italy and Mr. Agostino to increase the periphery of scientific cooperation between Nepal and Italy”.

Stating that for the research first of all “we need programmes then money and the man power” Prof. Dr. Kafle urged the Italian ambassador and Agostino to assist NAST for that.

The Italian ambassador in response said that Nepal is rich in terms of biodiversity and the natural resources. “The natural heritage and the diverse biodiversity have made this small country very big for the scientific world,” the ambassador said adding that the Italian government is very glad to establish Pyramid Laboratory and well hailed Agostino and his efforts.

Stating that the scientific cooperation and collaboration between the institutions of two countries have not only helped in strengthening the bilateral relations between two countries, H.E. Daniele Mancini said the cooperation have also helped to tighten relations in the people’s level.

On the occasion Prof. Lidia Szpyrkowicz, Scientific Attache, Embassy of Italy in New Delhi, has briefed on the scientific policy of her country and the assistance that the government of Italy is providing for EvK2CNR Committee.

The meeting held at NAST complex in Khumaltar, Lalitpur was followed by a Special Lecture on High Altitude Physiology, in which many researchers delivered their speeches along with power point presentations on high altitude physiology.

In the lecture attended by H.E. Daniele Mancini, Prof. Dr Surendra Raj Kafle, Mr. Agostino Da Polenza along with Italian and Nepali scientists and researchers, Prof. Lidia has presented her lecture on research and scientific studies in Italy. While, Prof. Paolo Cerretelli- Institute of Molecular Bioimaging (IBFM-CNR), Segrate, MI, Italy, Honorary President of the Italian Society for Mountain Medicine and Honorary President of the EvK2CNR Committee- presented his lecture on “Past, present and future of human research on muscle energetics at altitude”, Prof. Annalisa Cogo – Associated Professor in Respiratory Diseases, Director of the Biomedical Sport Study Centre, University of Ferrara- delivered her presentation on “Indoor Pollution: a major health risk in the mountainous areas”.

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