Nepal directs suspending of al Quaida linked individuals, groups' assets

Nepal government logo
Nepal government logo

KATHMANDU, Nepal- In an attempt to control terror financing, the government of Nepal has directed to suspend the material values of individuals and organizations which have linked to al Qaida, a security source said.

The government decided to take such measure after the ‘most wanted people’  involved in armed outfits in neighboring India were held in the Indo-Nepal border in the recent weeks.

Officials said bank accounts of 224 individuals and 64 entities would be suspended on the basis a United Nations Security Council resolution.

Spokesperson at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dipak Dhital informed Nepal would suspend accounts of any terrorist organization after getting request from other countries even though such request has not been received so far.

Officials are assured that the banks would inform the government and provide necessary documents if they found the accounts of those individuals and group mentioned on the list as per Nepal’s law.


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