Father's Day being observed across Nepal

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KATHMANDU, Nepal-Father’s Day is being marked all over the country on Thursday to celebrate the love and the bond between fathers and their children. The major market places in the Valley have been inundated since morning with people shopping for sweets, fruits, and gifts to present to their fathers.

Also on the occasion, children of the deceased fathers perform ‘shraddha’, a Hindu ritual of making offerings to the deceased, at different religious sites throughout the country.

Also known as the day of Gojarne Aunshi, the children feed their fathers with delicious food items including sweets, and show reverence by bowing to touch their feet with their foreheads.

As per the religious belief of ‘Pitridevo bhava’ (respect to ancestors), the son and daughter receive blessing from their father, and those fathers are already dead go to Gokarna or any other pilgrimage site and perform shraddha, holy ritual. Doing this, it is believed that, their ancestry will remain stable for ever.


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