Foreigners visiting Khumbu region go down

Khumbu region, file photo, courtesy to
Khumbu region, file photo, courtesy to

KATHMANDU, Nepal-The number of foreigners visiting the Mt. Everest area has reduced from July 16-August 16 in the current fiscal year, 2013/14. According to the Sagarmatha National Park, only 292 tourists visited the Khumbu area during this period.

This number was slightly less as compared to the number of tourists visiting the area in the same period of the last fiscal year. The number was 295 in 2012/2013.

During the period, highest number of tourists visited the region. Of the total number of tourists, 77 tourists from the U.K., 33 from South Korea and 13 from France visited the area during the period, according to the figure.

Likewise, one tourist each from Tanzania, South Africa, Russia, Indonesia also visited the area during the same period.

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